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Haile and Alem International is a Private Limited Company (PLC) established in February 2000. Haile Gebreselassie, the champion runner and current sports ambassador, along with his wife Alem Tilahun, aspired to invest in Ethiopia to develop the nation and increase employment rates. 

Haile has said, “I chose to remain and invest at home in Ethiopia despite the lure of all the beautiful countries I’ve traveled to, and I am very happy about my choice.” They share the beautiful culture of Ethiopia with the world by exporting quality honey and coffee internationally and welcoming guests in their luxurious accommodations located in the scenic attractions of the country. They make generous contributions to the community, and built and funded two schools.


HAI Purpose of Establishment

Our Vision and Mission
To be a flagship investment group that adds value to people and the environment.
Our Values
H : Hospitality

A : Accountability

I: Integrity: Our business activities will be conducted out with honesty, ethically, and respectfully.

L: Leadership: We will train our employees continuously providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to perform exceptionally to satisfy our customers.

E: Excellence: We pledge to provide only excellent products and services that ensure the customers ultimate satisfaction. Quality is not a choice.

Haile Gebreselassie

Haile Gebreselassie is a famous long distance running champion. Born in Arsi Province, Ethiopia in 1973, Haile had 9 siblings and their family lived in financially deprived conditions. He was forced to run 10 kms to school every morning and back the same distance in the evening.

Regardless of being asthmatic, he was so fast that his friends could never catch up. Soon, his gift was spotted and he was asked to try out for the Ethiopian national athletics team. So, without formal training the boy was able to run faster than his trained teammates.

He went on to win two Olympic gold medals at the 10,000m distance and he won the Berlin Marathon for a record four times. He won the Dubai Marathon three straight times.

He is an inspirational man who overcame many trials to become the legend he is today. With a success story like Haile’s it is no wonder why he is so prosperous in the business world as well.



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