Ayelech Degafu Memorial School (ADMS)

Ayelech Degefu Memorial School (ADMS) was launched in 2000 with the objective of giving back to the community because of the support that was extended to Haile Gebreselassie by the public. The school was also created to fulfill HAI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Services.

ADM has two branches, initiating in Bahir Dar in Bahir Dar City of Amhara National Regional State(ANRS) opened in 2000, and ADMS Asela in Asela Town of Oromia National Regional State(ONRS) since 2003. The Schools are named and dedicated after the mother of Haile Gebreselassie, the late and beloved Ayelech Degefu.

Our schools operate on the social enterprise model, where students pay significantly discounted tuition fees until the schools maintain a break-even point of income and expenses without making profits or incurring losses.

Even though the revenue generated from tuition has never been enough to cover the overhead expenses, HAI has continued to subsidize the school year after year. ADM School offers free scholarships to students from low income families, reaching up to 20% of enrollment size. During the 2016/2017 academic year, ADMS enrolled a combined total of 3,286 students in kindergarten, primary, and high school levels. Our schools have spacious classrooms, dining rooms, staff lounges, libraries, laboratories, and ICT rooms that are furnished with sufficient equipment.


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